Tiger’s Eye

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 Get grounded with Tiger’s Eye

Tigers eye is associated with self-empowerment and confidence and may be a great companion for taking balanced action. Keep it in your pocket as your personal cheerleader! Let tigers eye gently nudge you toward your goals and as a friendly reminder that you can do what you set your mind to. Tigers eye promotes courage, integrity and the right use of power. Tiger’s eye is considered lucky and can help boost your money attraction. Historically, Tiger’s Eye was used by the Egyptians to demonstrate divine vision and the all-seeing eye; it is said to help integrate your physical and spiritual worlds. Romans used the stone to deflect weapons in war and to be brave in battle.

Personal: I find the stone both earthy and inspirational, and love its masculine protective energy. I often pair it with other masculine scents like frankincense essential oil which is great for stress relief, calming anxiety, and creating a relaxing environment in my home.




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