Harmony Set


This Beautiful Harmony Set includes:

Moonstone – Associated with the Moon, this calming stone is sued to help balance internal hormone cycles with nature’s rhythms. It is believed to bring emotional balance while protecting the sensitivities of the wearer.  Often considered a woman’s stone, Moonstone enhances inner strength and self-awareness.

Druzy Quartz Agate – This unique stone combines the energies of both Quartz and Agate creating a healing powerhouse. Believed to support the immune and reproductive systems, and provide overall endurance, this stone is also known as a writer’s stone which helps support idea expression, and boost self-confidence.

Bloodstone – Deep green stone with red flecks. The small red specks are where the stone gets its name. This stone is excellent for centering and is said to help with calming in survival situations.  It brings miraculous energies of adaptability and lessening confusion, stress, and anxiety and is said to bring about mental and physical renewal by releasing blockages. Known to specifically help with emotional traumas and grief, and supports issue with anemia, post-surgical issues, endocrine system and cramps.

Yellow Jasper –Another very protective stone, Yellow Jasper is a nurturer that aids in stomach disorders and the digestive system.  This Jasper also helps to neutralize radiation and other forms of electromagnetic pollution.  Also known to help address problems with bloating and supporting tissue regeneration.

Red Jasper – A gently stimulating and very protective stone, Red Jasper also neutralizes radiation and other forms of electromagnetic pollution.  Red jasper also rectifies unjust situations and brings problems to light while providing insight into difficult situations.  Some use it as a “worry bead” to help calm emotions and help improve circulation throughout the body.

Banded Agate – Is a protective stone to use while traveling and encourage security and self-confidence. A particularly good grounding stone that assists with stability, composure and maturity. Known to creativity and inspiration of artists, agate is a support stone that inspires inspiration and self-expression.

Overall – Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer that sustains and supports through times of stress.  Jasper provides protection by absorbing negative energy and clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation.  It provides courage to handle recurring problems, and  also encourages honesty with oneself.  Jasper energizes the body and is also known to prolong pleasure.

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