Healing is my life practice and writing is my modality.

I am a healing scribe.

 When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing.  Here’s a list of writing services I provide:



Blog Content




Grant Proposals

Executive speeches

In addition to ghost writing for others, I am authoring two exciting books of my own; one non-fiction book with the working title: (Re)Mothering and a fiction novel with the working title of: Turquoise an environmental romance novel set in the 20th century. You will be hearing much more about these projects in the coming months.

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As a young girl I knew I had gifts and talents that were special.

It took me many years however, to admit that I practice healing, seriously.

Like many people, I shunned my own gifts because they didn’t appear to fit into what I was taught to be the normal path for respectable professionals in this society.

Then I went to law school to become a respectful professional–and I didn’t hate it, but I knew that lifestyle was not for me, and most of the lawyers I know–need my help.

Many people working in today’s “respectable” professions need my healing help!

For the most part, I practice my healing modalities on my friends + family and, of course, myself.

Through this blog I will be sharing some of favorite healing tools!

My healing work is mostly with natural elements provided by God. I don’t use artificial chemicals, or lab made medications in my everyday work.

I work with healing crystals, aromatherapy–and Angels–and of course prayer and meditation!

I currently am in training to become a Certified Crystal Healer through the Love and Light Healing School and I will likely take up some additional training as time allows.

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