About Us

This website is run by Smart Communications, a Midwest based company owned by me,  Angela Dawson a professional writer, mother, farmer, soon-to-be-farmer’s wife, and soon-to-be-Certified Crystal Healer.  For over fifteen years Smart Communications has provided writing services to business, government agencies, physicians, scientists and non-profit foundations, raising up to $10million for some projects.

I continue to write for a variety of clients today, and offer this website as personal creative outlet.

Why Healing Arts?

I am a professional health writer who loves crystals, minerals and stones. I use food, writing and  the natural environment to practice healing arts on myself and my loved ones and have seen amazing results.   As a healing artist, I use crystals, essential oils and organic food to help me reach my health goals  Little to no public research is available about the benefits of these essential oils, minerals, or organic food but that has not deterred its popularity in modern society. I’ve been passionate about this since the birth of my first daughter twenty five years ago and it has been a learning journey which you will read about on the blog.

Spirit Scripps – Is the blog  that contains educational, inspirational and action oriented content that can help you dig deeper into healing resources or access advanced levels of soul work. We like to think of it as your calm spot on the net.

Pretty Rock Girls – Is our lovely little online boutique that offers naturally blessed tools for your ongoing development and self empowerment. We like to think of the store as our way of physically connecting with you by offering valuable tools that you can implement in your daily practices.


Disclosure of material connection:  I am an academic health writer, a hobby farmer and value-based entrepreneur.  I also am a distributor for Young Living.

I will sometimes review books and products on this site. I will identify if I have been provided these items for free in exchange for my review, or if I have paid for them.  However, in either case, all opinions are my own.  My blog posts represent my personal opinion and experiences and not those of my employer or other affiliates.

This blog may also contain affiliate links – using these links costs you nothing, but may generate a small commission to this blog.

Medical Disclaimer

The information in this blog is based on my writings, beliefs and experiences and my own research regarding various topics.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information, however, in the era of electronic communication, new information may impact the validity of some information here.

This blog is intended to motivate and encourage readers to make healthy decisions and is not intended to replace your own health care provider’s advice.