Using Crystals + Stones for Everyday Help

How Crystals Help

Crystals are matter.  You already know from your high school science class that all  matter is energy and has its own energetic blueprint. Including your body! The blueprint of a crystal is a regularly repeating atomic structure that is symmetrically perfect. Their structure gives them the capability to absorb, transmit and transform light and energy.

(if you want to see a cool crystal transmitting experiment check here ) What an amazing God to give us this tremendous gift, right under our noses!

Bringing crystals into your environment can help you create order, transmit light, bring balance, harmony and unity for yourself and the people you influence. The ultimate goal is for your crystal companion to help you realign and redirect your physical, emotional and mental energy returning you to a state of balance and wholeness.  As you will learn when you start this journey, this is an ongoing love affair that just gets better with time.

Think of all of the stresses you go through in a given week. The challenges you face as a parent, spouse, wife, daughter, sister, friend, employee, business owner or even as a homeowner.

Crystals can help us focus our energy and grounds us allowing us to focus on creating positive outlook, and sustainable change in our lives.

We carry them as reminders of our focus, mission or healing purpose.  You can also use their colors as needed therapy to help calm, reorient or direct your energy toward a specific goal or purpose.  For example, have you every held a beautiful Angelite stone?  Heavenly!  Angelite represents peace and helps you connect with your higher purpose and provides emotional protection, and is known as a balancer and is said to support the circulatory system.  People also use Angelite for healing of speaking anxieties or to aid in communication. Some of us believe in Angels and use Angelite stones to support our communication with these lovely beings!

Of course crystals aren’t meant to replace God, your husband, boyfriend, your kids or your friends.  They certainly are a wonderful addition to your beautiful environment.  Making things more vibrant, alive, and aesthetically pleasing as you do the work to bring about your life’s purpose.

Selecting your Crystal Companion

First of all, when you are looking to buy a crystal; think of the reason why you want it.  Do you want a crystal for a specific reason? Do you want something calming, energizing or do you want to feel a certain way with the crystal?

Smell them. A strong smell given off by a stone is an indication that there has been an application of coatings or coloring to enhance the stone.  Some chemicals can weaken or dampen the energy of the stone, so be sure you trust your source.

Check for irradiation. Considered the worst artificial treatment process, this is used to remove imperfections and bring out the color. Unfortunately, this causes the energy of the gems or crystals to become weak, or non existent.

Check for bad dye jobs.  Not all coloring of crystals are bad, some coloring brings out beautiful inclusions in a stone. Irresponsible dyeing of stones result in a weakened energy state of the stone, that will result in uneven color application or color that is easily rubbed off.

Also avoid those that look too beautiful to be true. There are fakes crystals and gemstones everywhere. Be sure you are getting your stone from a knowledgeable or reliable source.

Identify the 3 C’s. Clarity, cut, and color. These are the most important characteristics you should check out. If you don’t know how, just ask.

Ask questions or research. It never hurts to always ask about the crystals and gemstones. I love sharing information about crystals and will add more details to this blog in the near future.

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