5 Reasons To Love Healing with Nature

 5 Reasons to love healing with nature

  1. Nature is Regenerative – As a farmer’s daughter and soon-to-be-wife of an outdoorsman, I have a natural comfort with life giving, natural, organic elements like plants, oils and precious resources like water, minerals, and stones.  Studies are being conducted about the emotional and physical benefits of people who are exposed to these natural elements and it correlates with longer life and a higher quality of life.  I feel an improvement in my quality of life in natural environments.
  2. History & Culture – I’m a history buff with an endless curiosity for how things work and where ideas originate.  I love hearing stories about how our ancestors survived and built civilizations without the technology we take for granted today.
  3. Nature’s Ultimate Protection – Nature provides ultimate protection for birds, wildlife and humans too. Some of that power is hidden within the essence of a plant. For example, the deepest essence of certain plants, herbs, trees, bushes or flowers is the volatile oil–which also happens to hold some of the most natural healing balms on earth including; lavender, frankincense, or tea tree.
  4. A Gift for Future Generations – Sustainable living and strategic use of natural resources like plants, animals and the environment is a way to bless our children’s future.  Not only is it respect for your current home, but sustainable living is a way to honor the generations ahead.  My grandmother always remanded me:  “Always leave a place a little better than how you found it.”  Damage has been done to the environment for several generations before I became an adult, but many of us are turning that trend around now. Getting closer to nature and her wonderful tools is a great way to
  5. A Fun Way to Live – Our mid-range goal is to build a tiny house using sustainable design principles like solar panels, renewable siding, thermo-heating, sustainable wood materials whenever we can.  I’m so excited about this project!  My natural living habits in a traditional home will transfer well when we move into our new sustainable home.


Three Ways I’m Embracing Sustainable Living Now:

Keeping chickens.  I get my eggs from own free-range chickens!  This is a part of my lifestyle that I love, except now it is hard to eat commercial eggs if we go out to eat with others for breakfast.


I compost food waste.  When we can’t finish food, or it is ready to expire-I will first see if it is edible for the animals.  If the animals can’t eat it, I bury the food waste in the ground and cover it with dirt and leaves for natural composting in the yard. Since I’m finding more items to compost, and more waste to buy, the man says I’ve got to get a real compost bin.  So, I’ll be looking for one soon.

I also incorporate natural oils and plant based products into my daily house cleaning and personal hygiene.  My stock of oils is ever growing and over the years I’ve used oils from many different brands.  I use oils from head to toe on my body (including my scalp for great hair growth), and my man loves when I diffuse a little bit of lavender oil when trying to calm the house down after a hectic day.

After many years of trial and error, and even more hours of research and study, I switched everything up and got serious about going organic.  When I first got interested in sustainable living, I used products from everywhere, mostly trying to save money and cut costs. I would compromise and get dollar store products, or even look for quality products on at cheap stores.  Ultimately, I found that I was wasting more money with the trial and error of those products not working, or suffer through one of us being allergic to the chemicals in those grocer products. My middle child specifically has skin reactions to most synthetic chemicals–she breaks out in hives all over her body.  She also is agitated and her sinuses are compromised. Next I’m in the store buying more chemicals to try to cover those symptoms.  What a mess!

I decided a year ago to transition most of my healthy home products from trusted business people. Not a faceless corporation, or international discount wholesaler who uses questionable ingredients. It was the best decision I made to get my products exclusively from Young Living.  I became a member of Young Living simply because of quality and accessibility.  They have really high standards, and they make it easy to afford when you enroll as a member.  As an organic foodie, I’m picky about what goes in and on my body. I’m a lifelong co-op member, so it was a no brainer to join Young Living as a member.  It’s like my co-op for essential oils! You buy healthy stuff, and you get major discounts for your loyalty. I’m in!
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Love and Health to You!

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