A road trip for a writer is akin to soil to a gardener, it’s foundational.

We recently drove from Wisconsin to Oregon. The beauty of the mountains is unmatched. The land is breathtaking.  The amazing feat is God’s awesome design.

But true to American irony, we saw her shadow side.

In the middle of our trip we faced racism in Bozeman, Montana.

Our truck broke down and we were refused service by local businesses. The truck is still in Montana three weeks later.

It’s curious how race creeps through every crevice of this nation, right through the Mountains.



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One thought on “Amazing Feat: Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Charli Mills

    It’s all so new and shiny here! I see great things unfolding and what a fabulous flash to kick off with on your new site. Great opening line, and then the reality creeps in the mountain crevices. God’s beauty tarnished, and yes, piercing. I see something building from it and its words America needs to hear. We all need healing and we all need to enjoy the gift of God’s splendor in this country.


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